AC45 in SF Oct 2. Is Artemis really the favorite?

Discussion in 'America's Cup and other races' started by BGL, Sep 25, 2012.

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    Artemis Racing – White skipper Terry Hutchinson is the reigning AC World Series match racing champion, who scored a 3-point victory over ORACLE TEAM USA SPITHILL in the first season.


    Artemis/Hutchinson always seems out of it every time I watch. Maybe it is because of Artemis problems in the fleet racing gives the impression they are as error prone in the match racing but stats don't lie and Artemis clearly does better in match racing the America's Cup will be won by a series of match races, not fleet races.

    But Artemis brought Nathan Outteridge from Team Korea to helm Artemis Red so maybe the perception that Terry Hutchinson seems out of his element in the AC cats is not altogether wrong.

    It will be fun to see Outteridge racing with all the resources that Artemis can supply. Equally fun is seeing 21 year Peter Burling get a shot at racing Team Korea's AC45.

    Team Korea has been the jumping off spot for a series of AC45 skippers picked up by the bigger syndicates, first Chris Draper picked up by Luna Rosa and now Outteridge picked up by Artemis.

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