Aug. 23 races...TV and everything!!

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    What a difference a day makes. This is the most exciting sailing event ever. Why they hid Day 1 racing is unfathomable. Still some issues. The thing you want to see most is leader's lead over second, speeds and who is gaining or losing distance. Virtual Eye used to show that with the advantage line but that gets removed for most of the fleet racing.

    Spithill and Coutts split the winning of the fleet races today. Emirates was not a competitor today. Mitch Booth in commentary said it was because they are focused on their AC72 and didn't practice much on the AC45. Somewhat doesn't ring true as Outerridge (Korea) and Ainsle (UK) had even less work on the boats than Emirates but were contending at various times. Maybe it is as much mental as anything else for Emirates, once they raced the big cat, they kind of lost interest in the AC45's and they are just looking ahead.

    But just exciting sailboat races.

    Great stuff.


    S09_8798.JPG.jpg S09_8790.JPG.jpg S09_8772.JPG.jpg S09_8761.JPG.jpg S09_8746.JPG.jpg S09_8738.JPG.jpg S09_8760.JPG.jpg
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    It is what we live for isn't it. They can never go back. Sure hope Oracle wins it all and we stay in San Francisco, stay in the big cats.

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