Cool AC34 iPad app for viewing races.

Discussion in 'America's Cup and other races' started by EaglesPDX, Aug 18, 2012.

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    America's Cup 34 has a GREAT iPad app for watching the upcoming races.

    Best thing is they've made Virtual Eye viewable on the iPad. It would not work previously is you tried to view it via the AC34 website in Safari on the iPad.

    Now I can have Virtual Eye going on the iPad while viewing the live YouTube broadcast on the computer

    TV coverage is OK but it is, unfortunately, standard TV coverage that doesn't make much use of Liveline graphics to show viewers what is going on in the race. Key stuff like who is a head and by how much, who is gaining or losing. They keep going for shots of boats in profile which would be great for still photographs but gets old in live racing as it tells you nothing. Not sure why the TV doesn't keep the overlay graphics on the boats all the time vs. every now and then they do a LiveLine race overlay graphic but doesn't relay real race info.

    Simply putting the advantage line with the lead boats advantage and gain/losing data would have a huge amount of drama to the broadcast.

    It's a race guys. Who is ahead, how much? Who's gaining?

    Now with Virtual Eye on the iPad, you can see it.

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