Coutts vs. Dalton on AC72's.

Discussion in 'America's Cup and other races' started by EaglesPDX, Oct 21, 2012.

  1. EaglesPDX Member

    Interesting interview of Russel Coutts in New Zealand Herald.

    Interesting because Dalton made so much fuss originally about the cats and the cost. Criticism that never made any sense in regard to the America's Cup but to find out Dalton was hypocritically complaining about the AC72's while promoting them...well not really surprising.

    We've seen a lot of that from Emirates from the get go...from Barker's saying adapting to cats was impossible (his own performance proving that wrong) to Dalton's complaint about costs and development issues (Emirates own performance proving that wrong).

    Most of Dalton and New Zealand's complaints were just typical Kiwi underdogging but to find that Dalton blocked downsizing the AC72's is just hypocritical.
  2. SFUSA17 New Member

    This quote from the article says it all.

    Have to one has proven the constant, end to end, Emirates griping wrong more than Emirates.

    If Emirates were to win, Dalton would make it a trifecta of hooey by reupping on the AC72's and the entire AC34 format...using the line that it's all built out, AC45's, AC72's, Liveline et al. Which is good news for America's Cup and the move to fast 21st century multihulls.

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