Emirates/TNZ first to launch AC72! Jul 21!

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    Big night in Auckland with the big cat

    Grant Dalton admires the Emirates Team New Zealand AC72


    Emirates Team New Zealand will reveal its AC72 catamaran at a public event at Viaduct Harbour on Saturday, July 21

    The team is promising a spectacular “launch day” for the big catamaran which another step forward in the team’s campaign to win the 2013 America’s Cup at San Francisco.

    Team managing director Grant Dalton says July 21 will be a big day for the team. “We have been working towards the day for 18 months. Until now we have said very little about the AC72 project and we have shown even less.

    “The design team of more than 30 people has been working since the end of 2010. The build team started in August last year. The AC72i represents more than 50 man-years of design time and 65,000 hours of build time.

    “The design and build work has gone ahead behind closed doors. Now it’s time to share their creation with New Zealand.

    “The team will be celebrating and we invite people to celebrate with us. He said the July 21 show is free to the public. “People will have great views from the Halsey Street wharf, from public areas around the Viaduct Events Centre and from the area around the lifting bridge.

    “The action takes place on the water bounded by the Halsey Street wharf and the bridge.”

    He urges people to arrive at the Viaduct by 5.30pm. “The first few hundred will have the opportunity to be part of the launch crew. The show will get underway by 5.45pm.”

    Should the weather refuse to cooperate on the Saturday July 21, the show will go on the following day, Sunday July 22.

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    First blood to the Gulf Arab...er New Zealand team...er US designers Morelli and Melvin. Emirates TNZ makes a lot of noise about need for nationality rules on AC challenges (which I would agree with going forward) yet they are financed by United Arab Emirates and their boat is designed by American design team from Morelli and Melvin. Drives me crazy that Ellison did not hire Morelli and Melvin for Oracle team. If for no other reason than to keep other teams from hiring them. If Emirates wins it with US designed boat...grr.

    Is Emirates building two AC-72's, first and second generation?

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