Freak'in stupid. No live racing Aug 22...never mind.

Discussion in 'America's Cup and other races' started by EaglesPDX, Aug 22, 2012.

  1. EaglesPDX Member

    Let's see:
    1. Trying to make AC34 popular with sports viewing public. Check.
    2. Spending $200M on TV/Liveline graphics coverage. Check.
    3. Race in SF where you can walk across Bay on broadband coverage. Check.
    4. Camera's on boats. Check.
    5. Races on YouTube for people to watch? Of course NOT. That would make too much sense.

    Just unbelievably bad. Piss on the few fans the AC has. Hide AC from any new fans.
  2. EaglesPDX Member

    Adding insult to injury, the Virtual Eye "Live" graphic gives you Newport races from a month ago. Whoever is running the media show for AC34 needs to be fired. The bugs were supposed to worked out. The racing was going to be live on the internet, on TV, iPads and iPhones and they failed to deliver when they get to San Francisco.
  3. EaglesPDX Member

    Web site Unity Player has crashed twice with Virtual Eye, the toy virtual graphic of the races, the only thing AC34 is bothering to provide on their super secret boat races in SF Bay.

    iPad doesn't work at all.

    iPhone doesn't even provide a graphic, just a text list with updates on distance ahead.

    Someone really needs to be beaten around the room with a rubber hose for this disastrous lack of race coverage.
  4. EaglesPDX Member

    I give up. Going fishing. The Virtual Eye keeps rebooting to either beginning of the race or the race is over. No way to "GO LIVE".

    How could they screw this up...after so much first races in San Francisco. Almost makes you want the Kiwis to win so they take the Cup back to Auckland and bury it in some old slow monohulls. At least we don't get teased with 21st century racing and then get an amateur PacMan graphic from 1980 that can't tell what time it is.

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