Jobson's great guy but WRONG guy for AC34.

Discussion in 'America's Cup and other races' started by EaglesPDX, Sep 28, 2012.

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    Love Gary Jobson. He's been great for the America's Cup and for sailing. He's a regular guy, someone approachable and helpful to the "little people" unlike many at the top end of sailing.

    America’s Cup-winning tactician and veteran broadcaster Gary Jobson will be behind the microphone when the America’s Cup World Series resumes in San Francisco next week.

    But...Gary is the wrong guy for the AC45 announcing. It's a whole new race with cats, speed and technology and especially for the new audience of non-sailing 18-35 outdoors and sports minded demographic we want to attract with all the speed, excitement and broadcast technology.

    To match the 21st century boats and racing of the AC34 we need to also be showcasing the next generation of sailing broadcasters. Mitch Booth has been great as the someone who can analyze it well. Add a good play by play person and give a next generation a shot at the next generation of sailing.

    And also the next generation of sail racing viewing technology. A third "tech analysis" person who is on telling folks how to follow the race via iPad and iPhone, how to play the AC34 iPhone app game, looks behind the race broadcast technology.

    Just as the AC34 is pushing the race to younger sailors, the broadcasting, with its YouTube showcase and LiveLine graphics needs to be doing the same.

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