On to San Francisco August 21-26

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    AC World Series II in San Francisco. You get the feeling the BIG SHOW is about to start.

    Really have to hand it Ellison and his AC34 team, they took the America's Cup into the 21st century. Everything from the decision on the catamarans (remember when we were sweating if it would even be cats or the old slow 19th century monohulls?) to the hard wings to short fast courses controlled and managed by GPS and electronic umpiring.

    The presentation of the races, close, in shore where 10's of thousands can gather on shore and watch the race while tracking it on their iPhone and iPad apps or watching the big screen TV as they watch the live action right in front of them.

    The NBC prime time Saturday sports presentation was a wrap, it brought it all together and showed that the 21st century America's Cup is ready for prime time.
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