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    USA 17, the progeny and namesake of the AC33 winner, is back on the water after repairs to the dagger board foils.

    It will be interesting to see if USA 17 will be riding out of the water on the dagger board foils and rudders they way the Kiwi's AC72 is doing.

    The riding on foils like l'Hydroptere has been a revelation for the AC72's. Not what anyone had been expecting or talking about prior to the boats hitting the water though all the designers from Kiwi's US design crew to the Oracle's Kiwi design crew likely anticipated.


    USA172.jpeg USA173.jpeg

    ORACLE TEAM USA 17 returned to the water today on the San Francisco Bay. A full team of sailors, engineers and designers ran the new AC72 through various tests, taking the next steps in preparing the boat to sail at full speed.

    “We continued the commissioning process of our AC72,” said Grant Simmer, general manager. “It was only our second day on the water, so we were focusing on loading the boat slowly to make sure there are no structural issues. We sailed with the Code Zero and the Gennaker for the first time, and we were checking all of the systems.

    “It went well,” Simmer said. “We went out a little bit jury rigged, but it was still a valuable day for us. As we’re limited to 30 days of sailing between now and February 1, we want to get as much out of each day on the water as we can.”

    The boat was sailing for the first time since August 31 when testing was cut short due to daggerboard failure in the starboard hull. Temporary daggerboards were used during today’s exercises.

    “We had a great day out there today – we ticked through all of the sails in the morning, and in the afternoon we concentrated on the wing,” said helmsman Jimmy Spithill. “We have a list of things to work on now, but it was a very good day and fantastic to get the boat back out on the water.”

    The sailors’ attention now turns back to training on the AC45s in preparation for the upcoming America’s Cup World Series in San Francisco from October 2-7. The crews will be sailing on the AC45s throughout the week.

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