Video of USA17 launch and first sail.

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    Seems like a radical design vs. the Kiwis AC 72. The lower center piece almost makes it look like a trimaran. I didn't notice if the Kiwi's AC72 had that feature.

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    Oracle USA 17 cracks dagger board....back to the shop.

    SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF. – Following the first day of testing for ORACLE TEAM USA’s first AC72, the boat has returned to the shed at the team’s Pier 80 base in San Francisco. The new boat, 17, hit the water in San Francisco Bay for the first time on Thursday, Aug. 30, to begin sea trials. On Friday, testing was cut short due to daggerboard failure in the starboard hull, and repairs are now underway.

    As a result, the planned media day has been postponed. A new date and details will be confirmed in the coming weeks.

    “We are currently building replacement daggerboards, which is a significant construction project with a duration of several weeks. Our boat builders and designers are working long hours together to have these new daggerboards completed as soon as possible,” ORACLE TEAM USA General Manager Grant Simmer said. “As part of our ongoing development program, we also continue to train in our race AC45s in preparation for the America’s Cup World Series next month.”

    Last week, ORACLE TEAM USA’s AC72 was rolled out of the shed for the first time and the 130-foot wingsail was fit onto the hull. The AC72, 17, is the first of two yachts to be used in the 2013 Defender Trials and 34th America’s Cup.

    The America’s Cup World Series returns to San Francisco Oct. 2-7 with activity taking place around Marina Green.

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