Virtual Eye is brain dead. AC34 gets Darwin Award.

Discussion in 'America's Cup and other races' started by EaglesPDX, Aug 22, 2012.

  1. EaglesPDX Member

    Virtual Eye on the iPhone says "No live racing but here's some old races" and claims it is showing BAR-UK vs. Prada-Piranha/'s showing Newport fleet races...that's useful...NOT

    Virtual Eye on the computer says it is showing the final result of BAR vs. Piranha but results says there is no such race and Piranha will be racing USA Spithill in a secret race on August 23rd.

    iPad...well the poor AC34 iPad app can't show anything...good debugging work there.

    What a poor effort from AC34 on race coverage.

    PS Note to AC34..."Live Commentary" is not cheap suit Star Wars theme music over and over. If you have no commentary...just tell people. "No commentary".
  2. BuzzLightyear New Member

    Easy there big fella.

    When they do the live YouTube broadcasts, it's great stuff because the racing is great stuff.

    I think tomorrow will be great racing.

    Agree it is disappointing that we could not really watch today's races. That they can't even get the Virtual Eye working with one commentator live. No info for users on what's going on. Don't understand giving up on 20% of the AC racing in San Francisco after spending millions on coverage.

    Despite all the "Flintstones" talk, AC34 is very old school retro and fixated on broadcast TV when they could be broadcasting live to millions on the internet, with commercials and everything.
  3. EaglesPDX Member

    Exactly...they lost 20% of the races by not broadcasting. I'll miss tomorrow's and Friday's due to work. What jerks.

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